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Whether you're planning a group trip, organizing a family outing or sharing favorite places with friends, gather all your addresses and recommendations in one place.

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Get started by inviting your friends to join mapstr and add a social dimension to your explorations.

Create my Map collaborative

Plan a trip or an outing

Each member of the group connected to Map can contribute by adding, in real time, their suggestions for places, restaurants, activities and so on.

Planning a trip

Share your next adventure with friends and family

You've organized everything for your friends and family, and want to share your program with them? Invite them to join your collaborative Map so they can find all the information they need for your outing.

Create my Map collaborative

Add up your finds

Want to create a guide to good addresses with your friends? Map mapstr is the perfect answer to this need, enabling you to build up a list of your best addresses in real time, without having to consult each other.

Create a collaborative Map

All you need to know about Map

Here are a few key points to help you make the most of this sharing-friendly feature.

Invite up to 20 people to join your collaborative Map .
As administrator of Map , you are the only person who can modify or delete addresses.
Your private addresses are not visible to your colleagues.

What our users say

Rated 4.8/5 on the App Store
"Mapstr is the perfect app for people like me who love to get organized!
It's super simple to save a Place that you want to try out later and look at nearby places to see."
"If I'm in need of inspiration, there's no need to spend hours searching, I go straight to my Map or those of my mates on Mapstr 🙌"
"A great application that has grown over the years to note all the good restaurants! The sharing function finally allows my friends to find my good plans!"
"A must-have application for saving addresses to discover or keep. Restaurants, shops, museums... don't miss a good Place that's been recommended to you. Ideal for preparing a trip!"
"Great app! A must download! Very useful for finding your favorite addresses ❤️"
"GORGEOUS! I recommend this app 300%, perfect for creating your own travel guide and sharing it with friends! Top notch!!!"
"Great app for tagging and always having your good addresses to hand, and also for testing friends' recommendations! Thanks to the whole team 😃"
"A single place to record my best tested addresses or those to try. I draw inspiration from free maps and even sometimes from paid maps abroad."
"My favorite app! It's intuitive and well thought out. In everyday life or when traveling abroad, I love it."
"I installed it in its early days and have seen it evolve over time! It's by far one of the apps I use the most. Ultra practical, very ergonomic and really useful."

Our other features

No more notes at the bottom of your phone that you can never find again, no more screenshots and no more posts saved on Instagram.

Sort your addresses easily to organize your Map according to your needs.
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Organize your travels and be alerted when you pass by your favorite places
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Find your friends' favourite addresses by adding them on mapstr
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Mapstr still have secrets for you?

Can several people work together on the same Map ?

At Mapstr, you can create maps where several people can contribute. Each of these people uses their own account to add addresses to a shared Map .

‍Here'show you do it:

1. Go to your profile and look for an option that says "Collaborate with more than one person".

2. Click on it to start sharing your Map.

3. Invite the people you want to share the Map with.

4. These people must accept your invitation before they can add addresses to Map.

5. If you want to stop sharing the Map with someone, you can simply go back to the list of people you share it with and remove them.

‍Thereare a few things you need to know about these shared cards:

- The people you share your Map with can add new addresses, but they can't delete or change the addresses you've added.

- As the creator of Map, you can change or delete any Place.

- If you wish, you can create a new account just for your Map shared. To do this, go to your profile and click on your username which is displayed above your photo.

You can share your Map for free with up to 20 people. If you want to share your Map with more people, you need to contact us by following this link: Contact form.

I'd like to sponsor a friend. How can I do this?

To participate in the mapstr referral program and benefit from the advantages available in your region, please follow the instructions below:

1. Open the Profile tab and click on the blue banner presenting the referral program.

2. Fill in the city in which you live: We ask you to provide this information to enable you to access the referral program available in your area.

3Invite your friends to join you on mapstr to start winning!

There are two types of referral programs on mapstr :

- Petit Futé program: Each time you refer a friend with your code, you and your friend win a free Map Petit Futé. You can collect your gift via the referral program, accessible from your profile.

- Program with prize draw: This program is only available in certain major French cities. Each month, we organize a draw with a prize to be won in each eligible city. To take part, simply sponsor 3 friends. Each referred friend also entitles you to a free Map Petit Futé. If you are the lucky winner of the draw, you will be contacted by our team!

Where can I find my referral code?

Your referral code is available in the referral program details, accessible from your Profile. You can copy it or share it via the application of your choice.

Where do I enter my referral code?

If a friend has shared their referral code with you but you don't know where to enter it, there's a dedicated step when you register to make a note of this code. Be sure to enter it at this stage so that it is taken into account correctly.

💡 If you have not received your free Map Petit Futé after referring a friend, please contact us by e-mail atPlace We'll be happy to help and understand the situation.

Can I create a second Map with the same account?

On mapstr, it's one account, one Map. This is because the aim is to use tags to filter your addresses so that you can find everything as you like, without wondering which Map you saved which Place.

If you want to create a second Map to save different addresses, you'll need to create a second account.

Please note that you can't use the same Place e-mail for two accounts. Use a different Place e-mail address when creating your new account.

To create a new account, follow these steps:

1. Access your Profile by clicking on your @username above your profile photo.

2. Click on Add an account.

3. Follow the steps to create a new account by clicking on Go !.

a new account will allow you to take advantage of a separate Map to save addresses that match your specific needs.

How to share a Place ?

Want to share a Place with your friends? You can choose to send it by SMS, email, Messenger, Whatsapp, the app of your choice or even directly to mapstr !

Simply use the Share button that appears when you select a location from any Map, and choose the app you'd like to use to share it.

💡 To access mapstr messaging, click on the envelope icon from the Subscriptions tab. You can send individual messages to your friends, send group messages, send locations to your friends. Very useful for planning night outings!

How can I share my Map ?

The easiest way to tell your friends about your Map is to share it on other social networks.

1. Press the Share button in the top right-hand corner of the main screen.

2. Choose the area of Map you'd like to preview.

3. Choose the application you'd like to use.

💡 When you choose Facebook or Instagram, mapstr uses the story format to allow you to further personalize the image you'd like to share! Tell us what you think 😃

You can also share your Map from your profile, discovering our referral program in the process.