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From choosing your destination, to sharing your impressions and memories, mapstr helps you organize trips that suit you.

Mapstr A pocket-sized travel companion

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We list locations all over the world!

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Benefit from personalized recommendations and contribute to an enriching collaborative experience.

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Planning an adventure in just a few clicks

Find a destination that suits you

With over 80 million addresses worldwide, our maps of the world's most beautiful cities will help you find the perfect destination for your next adventure.

Discover our maps by city

A boundless source of inspiration

With a community of over 3 million users filled with your friends, enthusiasts and address experts, mapstr helps you find your future favorite addresses.

Find your friends' cards easily
Browse maps of users who share your interests
Trust the nuggets from our media partners and experts in good addresses

Create your travel itinerary by recording the places you wish to visit

Add notes, photos and personalized tags to keep track of your impressions and facilitate future research. You can also organize your favorite addresses by category, such as "must-visit", "culinary tips" or "outdoor activities".

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Book in advance for the best possible experience

Don't miss out on a good Place because it's all sold out! Mapstr lets you book directly from the app in all locations where this option is available.

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Share your finds with friends and fellow travelers

Are you proud of your roadmap and ready to pack your suitcase? Then it's time to share your Map with your fellow adventurers to whet their appetites. You can also wait until you return home to share your Map filled with your tested addresses, notes and impressions with all your friends and family.

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Don't miss out on your program

Activate proximity alerts for each location on your route to be notified as soon as you pass by.

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What our users say

Rated 4.8/5 on the App Store
"Mapstr is the perfect app for people like me who love to get organized!
It's super simple to save a Place that you want to try out later and look at nearby places to see."
"If I'm in need of inspiration, there's no need to spend hours searching, I go straight to my Map or those of my mates on Mapstr 🙌"
"A great application that has grown over the years to note all the good restaurants! The sharing function finally allows my friends to find my good plans!"
"A must-have application for saving addresses to discover or keep. Restaurants, shops, museums... don't miss a good Place that's been recommended to you. Ideal for preparing a trip!"
"Great app! A must download! Very useful for finding your favorite addresses ❤️"
"GORGEOUS! I recommend this app 300%, perfect for creating your own travel guide and sharing it with friends! Top notch!!!"
"Great app for tagging and always having your good addresses to hand, and also for testing friends' recommendations! Thanks to the whole team 😃"
"A single place to record my best tested addresses or those to try. I draw inspiration from free maps and even sometimes from paid maps abroad."
"My favorite app! It's intuitive and well thought out. In everyday life or when traveling abroad, I love it."
"I installed it in its early days and have seen it evolve over time! It's by far one of the apps I use the most. Ultra practical, very ergonomic and really useful."

Our other features

No more notes at the bottom of your phone that you can never find again, no more screenshots and no more posts saved on Instagram.

Sort your addresses easily to organize your Map according to your needs.
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Import your addresses from google maps, foursquare, etc.
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Collaborate with others on the same Map
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Mapstr still have secrets for you?

Where can I use mapstr ?

Mapstr accompanies you around the world! The application is available and works worldwide, so you can use it wherever you are.

- Access my data : You can access your Map mapstr from anywhere in the world. Whether you're at home, traveling or in a new location, your Map will be accessible at your fingertips.

- Save a Place : You can add addresses from anywhere in the world to your Map mapstr . Whether you're discovering a delicious restaurant in a foreign city, or want to mark your home, mapstr lets you add all those precious addresses without any limits, and without needing to be on the spot!

How do I add a Place to my Map ?

Any type of location can be saved on mapstr, whether it's a business, a landscape or a point in the middle of nowhere.

There are several ways to add a location to your Map :

From your Map :

Tap the big + button, then search for the desired location by choosing the search mode you want (by name, Place or coordinates).

- Touch the large + button, then use the Add your position directly function to add your current position, or the place where you are.

- Long-press the Map at the exact point where you want to add a location.

‍Depart froma location's listing:

- Add a location from another Map using the Add button at the bottom of the location's listing.

‍Depart fromthe news feed:

- When people you follow add new locations to their Map, they appear in your news feed. Click on the + button next to the place name to add it to your Map.

‍Depart fromthe Explorer tab:

- Use the search bar at the top of the screen to search for a specific place and add it to your Map.

You also have the option of importing addresses from other applications, such as Google Maps or other sources, directly to mapstr. For detailed instructions on how to import these addresses, please refer to the question "Importing addresses" in the FAQ.

💡 If you can't find the place you're looking for in our suggestions, you can create a custom place. This place will not be created for everyone, but just for you, so you can add whatever you like.

Once you've selected your place, it's time to customize and classify it.

You can:

- Add as many tags as you like to better describe the place. You must select at least one.

- Change the icon to better represent the place to you: press the pre-selected icon to choose another.

- Write a comment to add additional information for you and your friends.

- Add your own photos: this is a great way to remember what happened on your last visit.

- Mark this place as "to try" or "already done" to make it easier to find your way around your Map by identifying places you haven't tried yet.

- Mark this place as secret: if you don't want to share this place with anyone, even your friends, press the Keep this place secret button. No one but you will be able to see it on your Map.

- Create an alert when you're nearby.

💡 Most location attributes are filled in automatically by mapstr. But you can modify them or add your own information, such as phone number or website. The only mandatory attributes of a place are its name, Place and at least one tag.

Where can I find all the addresses of the cards I follow?

Many users don't want to explore their friends' maps one by one, but prefer to see them all at once!

If you're one of them, simply go to the Subscriptions tab and click on Overlay all maps (below the search bar).

This Map Overlay feature will show you the most popular locations among your friends and the maps you follow, based on the area of Map you're looking for.

You can move the Map and trigger a new search with the Search this area button at the top of the Map preview.

💡 If you can't find the place you're looking for, you can also tap the blue Discover maps that recommend places bar here to find official maps with places in that specific area.

Is it possible to book on mapstr ?

Yes, it is possible to book online directly at mapstr, whether for restaurants, bars, cafés or hotels. To make a reservation, simply click on the blue button at the bottom right of the venue's screen to access the booking tool specific to that establishment.

Please note: mapstr takes no commission on the booking, and redirects directly to the venue's preferred booking system.

It's worth noting that some venues also display their menu, offer takeaway or home delivery, offering a more complete experience.

💡 Not all venues yet offer the online booking functionality on mapstr. We are working closely with our partners to extend this functionality to as many venues as possible.

Proximity alerts are an extremely practical feature that allows you to receive notifications on your phone when you are near a specific location.

You can activate this feature for places you want to discover as a priority, or those you don't want to forget.

To activate proximity alerts, follow these simple steps:

1. From the screen of the location for which you wish to receive alerts, click on the Edit button at the bottom of the screen.

2. On the edit screen, scroll down and activate the Notify me when I pass by option.

3. If you haven't already enabled it, make sure you allow geolocation in the background so that we can detect your proximity to the location.

4. Don't forget to click Save to save your changes.

Once proximity alerts have been activated, you'll be notified on your phone when you're near the selected location. This will ensure that you don't miss any opportunities or important places when you're out and about.