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The more the merrier! In just one click, invite all the contacts of your choice to create their own Map and record all the restaurants, stores and cafés they tell you about time and time again. If need be, tell them about the address import feature on mapstr , which makes creating a Map as easy as clicking on the button below.

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In three easy steps, find and add your friends' favorite places to your Map mapstr .

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Select the addresses that appeal to you and add them directly to your Map.

What our users say

Rated 4.8/5 on the App Store
"Mapstr is the perfect app for people like me who love to get organized!
It's super simple to save a Place that you want to try out later and look at nearby places to see."
"If I'm in need of inspiration, there's no need to spend hours searching, I go straight to my Map or those of my mates on Mapstr 🙌"
"A great application that has grown over the years to note all the good restaurants! The sharing function finally allows my friends to find my good plans!"
"A must-have application for saving addresses to discover or keep. Restaurants, shops, museums... don't miss a good Place that's been recommended to you. Ideal for preparing a trip!"
"Great app! A must download! Very useful for finding your favorite addresses ❤️"
"GORGEOUS! I recommend this app 300%, perfect for creating your own travel guide and sharing it with friends! Top notch!!!"
"Great app for tagging and always having your good addresses to hand, and also for testing friends' recommendations! Thanks to the whole team 😃"
"A single place to record my best tested addresses or those to try. I draw inspiration from free maps and even sometimes from paid maps abroad."
"My favorite app! It's intuitive and well thought out. In everyday life or when traveling abroad, I love it."
"I installed it in its early days and have seen it evolve over time! It's by far one of the apps I use the most. Ultra practical, very ergonomic and really useful."

Our other features

No more notes at the bottom of your phone that you can never find again, no more screenshots and no more posts saved on Instagram.

Organize your travels and be alerted when you pass by your favorite places
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Sort your addresses easily to organize your Map according to your needs.
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Collaborate with others on the same Map
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Mapstr still have secrets for you?

Where can I find my subscriptions & subscribers?

Your subscriptions

Easily find all the maps you follow, whether those of your friends, influencers or media you like, guides that accompany your travels, etc.

To find them, open the Subscriptionstab.

can easily sort them by:

- Alphabetical order
- Most recent subscriptions
- Number of locations

Also use the search bar to search for a user by name.

Your subscribers

Just as you follow other users to see their Map and location recommendations, you can be followed by other users.

To see the list of users who currently have access to your Map :

1. Open the Subscriptionstab
Press the Subscribers menu.

For each person who follows you, you can:

- Follow them back
- Remove them from your list of followers

How do I subscribe to Map ?

To easily find someone's Map , it's handy to follow this user. If the user is public, you'll have immediate access to Map and will be able to find it in your Subscriptions. If the user is private, you'll have to wait for their approval.

Pending requests are located at the bottom of the Subscriptions tab, below your friends list.

To follow someone on mapstr :

From someone's Map : click on the Follow button at the top right of their Map

From the Subscriptions tab: press the Add a friend icon (top right)

From here, you can:

- Find people: each user has a unique username. So you can add friends by typing their username in the search bar. You can also type their first name, last name or Place e-mail directly if you're not sure of their username.

- Share your profile: by message, e-mail, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, ...

- Invite friends: from Facebook or from your contacts.

Can I be notified of all the new addresses of the cards I follow?

You can choose to be notified as soon as a friend adds a new location to their Map :

1. Go to the Subscriptions tab, with the list of maps you follow.

2. Press the three small dots to the right of the friend's name or Map to open the options.

3. Tap the Enable notifications 🔔 option to receive notifications for this Map.

Is it possible to view addresses shared with another user?

With mapstr, it's possible to compare your Map with that of another user, ideal for choosing the perfect place to go with that person!

To do so, follow these steps from the person's Map with whom you wish to compare your addresses:

1. Click on the menu at the top left.

2. Select the Places in commonsorting option .

3. You can now see the addresses you have both added to your cards.

Don't hesitate to combine this filter with tags to refine your search as much as possible. This way, you can easily identify common addresses and plan your next outings together!

How do I add a Map favorite?

There are many other things you can do to enhance the exploration of your location recommendations with your friends' maps, including adding your favorite maps to your Favorites for quick retrieval.

1. Go to the Subscriptions tab, with the list of maps you follow.

2. Press the three small dots to the right of the friend's name or Map to open the options.

3. Press the Add to favoritesoption ⭐️.

can choose the order of your favorites with a simple drag-and-drop.