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Mapstran application adored by a unique community!

A LOVE Brand

The Mapstr application is much more than a mapping application, it accompanies and inspires users at every moment: outings, weekends, trips... At Mapstr , you'll find millions of memories on maps, and as many future places to discover.

Digital for real

Mapstr is the app that makes you spend more time with your nose outside than on your phone. Users discover and rediscover inspiring, trusted addresses, with the sole aim of going there one day to have a wonderful time.

A unique source of inspiration

Mapstr is the simplest, most practical platform for recommending your selection of addresses. With Map Mapstr , you can create your own city guide and share it with as many people as possible in the blink of an eye.

"Mapstr is the perfect app for people like me who love to get organized!
It's super simple to save a Place that you want to try out later and look at nearby places to see."
"If I'm in need of inspiration, there's no need to spend hours searching, I go straight to my Map or those of my mates on Mapstr 🙌"
"A great application that has grown over the years to note all the good restaurants! The sharing function finally allows my friends to find my good plans!"
"A must-have application for saving addresses to discover or keep. Restaurants, shops, museums... don't miss a good Place that's been recommended to you. Ideal for preparing a trip!"
"Great app! A must download! Very useful for finding your favorite addresses ❤️"
"GORGEOUS! I recommend this app 300%, perfect for creating your own travel guide and sharing it with friends! Top notch!!!"
"Great app for tagging and always having your good addresses to hand, and also for testing friends' recommendations! Thanks to the whole team 😃"
"A single place to record my best tested addresses or those to try. I draw inspiration from free maps and even sometimes from paid maps abroad."
"My favorite app! It's intuitive and well thought out. In everyday life or when traveling abroad, I love it."
"I installed it in its early days and have seen it evolve over time! It's by far one of the apps I use the most. Ultra practical, very ergonomic and really useful."

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Through our newsletter, reach a qualified, authentic and loyal audience by promoting your brand to a targeted audience.

Brand content

Become a source of inspiration and address prescriber by creating your brand's Map mapstr . She'll inspire your community on a daily basis, creating a unique bond with them.


With mapstr, you can easily organize contests, treasure hunts and other special operations to make your communications attractive and fun.

Map your network

With mapstr, import your data to map your network, your partners, your customers... Then share your Map internally or with the general public, depending on your objectives.

Mapstr campaigns,
the solution for boosting your brand awareness

👥 4 million users

Prescribers, Epicureans, Urban, CSP+, 23-45 years old

💌 700,000 subscribers to our newsletter in France

+ 30% weekly opening

📱 4.2 million sessions / month

+ 1.5 million locations recommended each month

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