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Mapstr allows you to easily sort your favorite addresses according to your own criteria, offering a tailor-made discovery experience.

Too many addresses and you're confused?

No need to panic! With over 20,000 places added every day by our users, we know that it's vital to help you organize your Map to simplify your discovery experience.

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Address management that adapts to your needs!

Discover the three features that allow you to quickly find your favorite addresses according to your current mood.

Creating custom tags

Custom tags are your best allies for organizing your addresses. Define their name, color and emoji without limit to build the Map that's right for you.

Sorting your addresses

Switch from the Map view to the list view to easily sort your addresses by date added, distance, alphabetical order or note.

Sorting your tags

Your addresses can also be sorted using the tags you've associated with them. By name, frequency of use or custom order, organize them as you wish.

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"My epicurean notepad, the app helps me keep my favorite places (restaurants, spots, hotels, ect.) in one place."
"I love this app, being able to follow users and cards already created gives us the opportunity to discover new nuggets 👌"
"Great app when you're traveling and don't want to carry around the Guide du Routard like a tourist!"
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"Mapstr is myPlace notebook whenever I go on a trip. An app that helps in life, you always remember the good places. Great for giving advice to friends!"
"Really handy for entering our best addresses to try out or those we've already tested. The customizable tags are very practical and the addresses added to a map are really great! "
"Top app, I use it daily to prepare my outings 😊 The interface is intuitive and the app is fluid and works worldwide!!!"

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Mapstr still have secrets for you?

How do I create, modify or delete a tag?

Express your creativity by organizing your favorite places according to your own categories and preferences. Tags add a personal touch to your Map.

To add tags to a location, you can use existing tags or create new ones. At any time, you can modify these tags or delete those that are not in use.

Feel free to modify them by changing their colors to create shades or sort them by theme, play with their names or add emojis.

To change the name or color of a tag:

- Either long-press the tag in the left-hand menu on your Map.

- Or, when adding or modifying a location, long-press the tag in the list of existing tags.

To delete a tag, you must be in the process of adding or modifying a location.

1. Long-press the tag in the list of existing tags.

2. Click Delete tag

As there can be no place without at least one tag, you cannot delete a tag in use. If you really want to delete this tag, you must first remove it from all locations.

How do I filter locations by tags?

Addresses stored on a Map can be sorted according to the tags assigned to them, either in the Map view or in the list view.

To sort your addresses, follow these steps from the tab Map TAB:

1. Click on the menu at the top left.

2. Several sorting options are available:

Filter your addresses by theme: Choose to display on your Map only those addresses that meet the following criteria:

- Addresses you haven't yet tested.

- Addresses you've already testedAddresses that are currently open.

- Addresses that allow online bookingThe addresses that are permanently closed so you can view them easily and delete them if you wish.

‍Filteryour addresses according to your tags: Select the tags whose associated addresses you wish to see. By pressing the three-dot icon, you can choose to filter in the following ways:

- Cumulative: All locations with at least one of the selected tags will be displayed.

- Exclusive: Only locations that have all the selected tags will be displayed.

3. Reset the filters by dragging the contents of the left-hand menu downwards.

You can sort the addresses on the maps you are exploring in these different ways. An additional filter is available from other users' Map , called In common. This allows you to display on Map only those addresses that both of you have added to your respective maps.

How do I sort tags?

From Map, either your own or those of other users, go to the left-hand menu (where you see your tags), press the three-dot icon and choose one of the following options:

- Sort by name to sort tags alphabetically.

- Sort by use to sort tags according to the number of places associated with them.

- Custom sort to define your own order. Drag and drop tags to set the order, and don't forget to save (available only on your Map).

Can I filter addresses by city?

Planning your vacation in advance and want to easily view addresses saved in another city? Here are a few tips to help you:

‍Depart fromthe Map view: move easily from one city to another using the Center Elsewhere option. To access it, click on the arrow icon at the bottom right of a Map. You'll be repositioned directly on the city of your choice.

‍Depart fromlist view: If you tap the List button at the top of a Map, you can see all the places in that Map in list form. You can then:

- Search by city in the search bar, by clicking on the magnifying glass icon .

- Or simply sort the addresses by Distance, by clicking on Sort by, if you're in the desired city or if you've used the Center Elsewhere option explained above.